Are you facing Criminal Charges?

Assault/Violent Crimes Defence

If you have been accused of a crime of violence including assault or murder we are here to help you. We can can provide defence including situations where you were acting in self defence or have been wrongly accused.

Breach of the Peace/ Section 38 Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland Act 2010 Defence

These are some of the most common charges that we defend. If you have been accused of public disorder we have a vast experience of defending theses charges. We also act regularly in cases where people have been accused of acting in a racial or sectarian manner.

Sexual Offences Defence

We understand that being accused of crimes of this type can be a frightening and isolating experience. We have vast experience in this area and understand that these maters can be sensitive. We will act with confidentiality and respect to you.

Theft/ Crimes of Dishonesty Defence

If you face an accusation of theft, fraud or robbery we can help you. We are also able to represent you if you have been accused of benefit fraud.

Domestic Violence Defence

In recent years we have seen the establishment of a special Domestic Court in Edinburgh. We have a great deal of experience in defending Domestic allegations. We understand it is frustrating when the Court has imposed special conditions of bail and can assist you in having these reviewed by the Court.

Drugs Defence

We understand that being accused of a drugs offence can be embarrassing and potentially detrimental to your employment. We will devote our energy and experience to help you avoid conviction or mitigate the effects of conviction.

Internet Offences Defence

With the rise of the internet there has been a rise in prosecutions in this area. If you have been accused of such a crime then we will handle your case with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Offences at Football Defence

If you have been accused of a crime at the football or acting in contravention of the Offensive Behaviour at Football & Threatening Communications ( Scotland) Act we are here to help. We have specific knowledge and interest in this area and will provide you with a deducted and knowledgable defence.